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Amy: Okay, Doctor. Explain what is happening, please.
The Doctor: Mels. Short for.
Mels: Melody.
Amy: Yeah, I named my daughter after her.
The Doctor: You named your daughter after your daughter.
Mels: Took me years to find you two. I’m so glad I did. There, you see? It all worked out in the end, didn’t it? You got to raise me after all.
Amy: You’re Melody.
Rory: But if she’s Melody, that means that she’s also—
Mels: Oh shut up, Dad. I’m focusing on a dress size.

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Melody: When I was little...I used to dream about you. I was gonna marry you.
The Doctor: Good idea. Let's get married. You stay alive, and I'll marry you, deal?


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When you realize Mels befriended Amy and Rory not only to get to the Doctor but also so she could grow up with her parents.

Amy actually raised her daughter. She just didn’t realize it.

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